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Mack Truck

1939 Mack Truck

     The 1939 Mack Truck is being restored! 

In service with the Stockton Fire Department for over 35 years, the 1939 Mack Truck faithfully served the Stockton community until 1974.  The Mack Truck then bounced around within the City and was eventually forgotten in storage - remembered only by those who had first hand knowledge of riding the side-rails on calls throughout the City.  


Thanks to the diligent efforts of Stockton Fire Foundation member John Sola, Sr., the Mack Truck has been secured by the Foundation with a goal to bring the Truck back to life!


Recent efforts include the engine being rebuilt, the transmission cleaned, a clutch purchased, and research to find specialized tires. 


With the help of donations, the Truck will be operational for Stockton Firefighters' Holiday outreach programs within the community.


Stockton Fire History & Pride!



Stockton Fire History

This Mack Truck was new in 1939 and cost approximately $10,000.

The men in the photo below are Captain Frank Troke, Pete Henny, Ed Berglund, and Eddie Murphy.  

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Mack Truck in Storage

The Mack Truck has been in storage for many years - the body paint, unique features to Mack Trucks, and the specialized Stockton Fire Department

equipment remain in excellent condition. 

Mac after cleaned off in app bay 2.jpg

Engine being taken off site

The last year has seen a lot of progress for the Mack Truck including the

removal of the Engine by a local, heavy-machinery mechanic.

engine on forklift.jpg

The Engine: Before & After

The hard work of of all those involved has resulted in an amazing transformation of the Mack Truck's engine.  

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Be a Part of the Mack Truck Restoration!

Be a part of bringing this part of Stockton Fire's history back to life!

Your donations will allow the Stockton Fire Foundation to complete the restoration and ongoing maintenance so Stockton Firefighters can use the Mack Truck 

in their outreach efforts to children and adults alike!  

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